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Welcome to Construction 144: Materials & Construction for the Spring 2013 semester at Diablo Valley College!

This is our course website.  On this site, you will find links to important information including the syllabuscourse calendarschedule, and lectures.  After each lecture, I will post my slides as well as other important information.

Spring 2013 Notes:

  • Coming soon.

Spring 2012 Notes:

Spring 2011 Notes:

  • 2011 Project 1 handout is now available online: click here
    • Spring 2011 Project 1 Photos are available online: click here
    • Spring 2010 Project 1 photos are available online: click here
  • 2011 Project 2 handout is now available online: click here
  • 2011 Practice Final Exam: Download .pdf File



  1. Maryam Nezari says:

    I’m your student in materials of Construction. I want to send you a picture of my project and a short movie of it. Would you please send me an e-mail address.
    Thank you

  2. Paula Williams says:

    When will you load up the other chapters for 2013 from 3 on. This is somewhat confusing. Thanks .

  3. admin says:

    They should be on the calendar now, through the first mid-term.

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